Articles for April 2017

Facebook Business Marketing Strategies – Best Tips for Facebook Marketing

When the word Facebook has heard one thing comes to mind, social. When the word Facebook relays to a marketer, the word that comes to mind is an opportunity. Facebook is the next best thing to online advertising, next to Google. There are so many Facebook business marketing strategies.

Facebook has page ads. Page ads are the most common ads that use tactics to drive fans to Facebook pages. When a user likes the Facebook page, it’s shown beneath the ad for their friends to see.

Many large companies like Pepsi or Macdonald’s have these pages. They are a good way to keep in touch with fans in a more social and economic sense.

Website ads are pretty much the same as any other web advertisement. When you click on the ad, you go to either the advertiser’s landing page or website. Website ads are more like page ads, but without the like button added to it. There are lots of web ads on Facebook. Website ads get straight to the message out and are clear to the viewers.

Event ads are another one of Facebook’s business marketing strategies. They are most popular for promoting sales, promotion of products, seminars, trade shows, any event that requires an RSVP. An event ad integrates with the events from Facebook and has an RSVP button.

RSVP is short for request of invitation. When a person clicks on the RSVP the details of the event display the number of Facebook friends and users who are attending. The user who attends the event will have a news-feed story within their profile for all their Facebook friends to see.

Another marketing method is a comment ad. Comment ads are another one of Facebook’s business marketing strategies, which a lot of marketers are using. The concept of comment ads is not just about leaving the web link of an ad in a comment box, but to make the ad look like a conversation.

Comment ads will post a question or statement, on the brand, where a user will respond by leaving their response on the ad’s comment box. A news feed will show up, from the result of the exchange, and go viral throughout the entire social network.

These marketing methods are some of the few done on Facebook and a lot more. There are a lot more Facebook business marketing strategies that can help marketers sell or promote their product through the social network.