It is really shocking that drug abuse cases have been increasing day by day. Different drug testing methods have been introduced to detect the presence of illegal drugs in one's sample.

So, every adult citizen should have sufficient knowledge about the life-threatening risks due to drug addiction and also a variety of drug tests.

In most of the drug testing methods, a person's blood is used as the sample for drug identification. But for more accuracy of the result, it is recommended to use urine in place of blood. But the urine drug test cups are more reliable.

Blood analysis can accurately prove if a person is under the influence of banned drugs for a good period of time or not.

But some experts are of the view that even the blood drug testing fails to produce an accurate result when it comes to exhuming the history of drug abuse of a typical individual.

In spite of being a lesser choice, blood is used as a sample in many a lab. Apart from discovering the history of drug addiction, the blood drug test leaves no scope for the addicted to resort to any sort of trick.

As privacy is not a requirement to collect the sample, so cheating is not possible in this case. On the other hand, though urine testing is a much superior choice, still the possibility of cheating cannot be overruled. Truly speaking, the risk of cheating is very high.