The fact is that there are hundreds of different types of horse joint supplements. With so many different brands and products to choose from, quite a number of inexperienced horsemen are lost and confused about which products to buy. When it comes to supplementing horse joints, quite a lot of people think that the more expensive the product is, the better, but that doesn’t always happen.

Quite often horse supplement companies fill their products with useless ingredients that do nothing but increase the perceived value of the product. Companies add exotic ingredients to their equine supplements because they want to charge more and people who don’t know such marketing tactics think they get what they pay for.


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The fact is that there are only a few active ingredients in supplements with horses that have been proven and tested by time and in this article I want to share with you a list of two active ingredients that you should look for in supplements with horses to ensure you give your horse all the essential nutrients to support and maintain strong and healthy joints.


In terms of supplementing horse joints, glucosamine may be the most important active ingredient you need to look for.

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Some people say that horse supplements containing glucosamine are useless because there is not much real scientific evidence to support claims made by supplement companies that glucosamine actually works.

Although not much research can be used to support claims made by supplement companies, the fact is that supplements with horses containing glucosamine have been used for decades and millions of horsemen around the world use it very successfully.