There are many situations where people need special mattresses. They have unusual body sizes and have beds made accordingly, they have tractor trailer sleepers, they have boats, camper or other recreational vehicles with sleeping accommodations, or they just want mattresses made from unconventional materials.

RV and trailer owners often have to order customized caravan beds, because standard sizes are generally not appropriate. You can navigate to know more about the australian made mattresses.

They may want to replace an existing mattress because the old one is out of stock, or because they are buying a used vehicle, and prefer a mattress that better suits their needs. The human body is quite sensitive, and not everyone prefers spring-based mattresses, rather than foam.

It's hard to imagine how many people order special mattresses. This special bed accessory is indeed useful for consumers with platform beds, or those made in the seventeenth century.

Antique beds often have unusual dimensions because most old beds are handmade. They are created for certain people or families. The size of the room designed for the bed may also affect its size. Special mattresses are also often requested by people who import beds.

Patients with severe medical problems, such as chronic neck and back problems will often buy special mattresses because standard mattresses do not offer the support or comfort they need to get a good night's rest.

People with asthma, skin conditions, and allergic problems may find the same problem. Their bodies cannot tolerate materials used in store-bought models. They need a hypoallergenic and mite resistant mattress.