Luxury is a word that is often misused by developers as the project offering basic facilities as luxury apartments. The definition of "luxury" has different meanings to different people.

Luxury, according to the well-known real estate firms is "generous living space" which indicates that a one-bedroom apartment cannot be considered as "luxury". You can also take a look at Ki residences showflat to get an overview of the luxury apartments in Brookvale, Singapore.

Whether you are investing for luxury property investment or end-use you need to take care of factors given below to define the luxury property:

1) Location: – The most important factor while investing in a luxury property is its location. Places that are plagued by traffic problems are not provided for luxurious houses. Residents should also have easy access to markets, schools, hospitals, offices, etc.

2) Parking: – As investors plan to invest in a luxury tower, the number of parking areas must be equal to the number of rooms, such as a four-room apartment will have four parking areas in the project.

3) Safety factors: – People who live in luxury towers should not install the safety devices outside their apartment doors. They provide 24/7 security, including electronic monitoring and all the security measures.

Developers advertise luxury features of their project if you are looking for comfort, luxury, location, it is very important for the investor to consider the details of the project.

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