Teeth are not merely used for chewing gum and crushing food. White, shining teeth may do wonders to a person’s confidence. Unfortunately, taking care of one’s teeth comes as an afterthought to many.

That is why most of the people over age 65 don’t have an entire set of teeth. Speak with a good dentist in Markham and they will all give the exact same advice: brush your teeth at least twice daily, floss your teeth, and schedule a visit to your dentist regularly.

Periodontal Disease

For most people, cleaning involves placing in a few strokes, rinsing and gargling. Correct brushing technique is vital to oral hygiene and is an individual’s first line of defense against cavities and other dental issues.

At the barest minimum, dentists recommend brushing teeth for two minutes at least twice per day. They also suggest using an electric toothbrush on a manual one. However, when all you’ve got is a manual toothbrush, you need to select one that has soft bristles to avoid damaging the enamel.

Dentists recommend holding the brush at a 45degree angle against the gum line. When brushing your teeth, it needs to be done gently, starting at the point where the gum and tooth meet until the chewing surface.

Teeth Whitening

A forward and back movement is said to be the best process when cleaning your teeth. Short sweeping motions are effective for cleansing the gum whilst tipping your brush’s bristles helps to clean the cracks and pits of the tooth.

But brushing doesn’t end with your own teeth. As part of good oral hygiene, an individual needs to also brush the mouth’s top and the tongue that may collect bacteria which cause bad breath. Also visiting the dentist regularly should definitely be a part of your oral health hygiene.

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