It is very common to see children sucking on their thumbs and most people do not give it a second thought. Many parents even encourage it because it does soothe and comfort a child who is upset or irritated. However, responsible parents know that they have to take steps to get their child to stop thumb sucking immediately.

This habit might make the child look very sweet but it can result in long term problems for the child. Click to stop thumb or finger sucking of your child.

These problems include:

Irritation of the thumb: The skin of the thumb can get irritated very badly when the child sucks on it constantly. The skin can also peel away and this can be very painful for the child. In many cases, the fingernail also grows crooked because of infection brought upon by thumb sucking.

Teasing by other kids: Children who such as their thumb in the ages of 5 and 6 tend to get teased and bullied by other kids for being ‘babies’. This can drive them to rely on the thumb even more for comfort.

Oral problems: Prolonged sucking on a thumb can alter the shape of the mouth and cause the teeth to grow crooked. Children who suck their thumbs tend to have protruding teeth.

Ingesting parasites: Kids who constantly have their thumbs in their mouth are at higher risk of having worms and other parasites in their bodies than children who keep their fingers away from their mouths. This is very certainly an unhygienic habit.