Why Make a Claim?

If you got to experience a car accident that is not your fault, and if you are injured, you can often demand compensation for other driver's insurance.

It is important to act quickly. Financial rewards will not eliminate the pain but can help to compensate for suffering. Damage can be very substantial even for relatively minor injuries so it is useful to pursue claims. You know more about car accident claims via https://stateclaims.com.au/

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How do I claim & it is complicated?

The company you appoint must have a simple claim process. After you give them basic information, you can leave the rest to them.

They must realize that your time is very valuable so there is no need to fill out forms and make appointments.

They must have a fully computerized system and allocate you to a specialist personal injury specialist who will oversee your claim.

Your claim must be handled in a way that is fully adapted to your comfort and convenience.

Can I give instructions to the Lawyer?

Your claim for compensation can be funded in several different ways. You will be advised on the course that best suits your personal circumstances, but by far the most popular method is what is known as the "Conditional Cost Agreement", sometimes known as "No Win, No Cost".

Most personal injury specialists offer this type of agreement in all cases. If you win your claim, in most cases, you will still 100% of all compensation given.