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How to add facebook comments to your Kajabi blog posts

Kajabi is the most widely used platform for selling the products and services as well.

Nowadays, every user of the Kajabi platform is searching for the ways to add the facebook comments to Kajabi blog posts.

If you are also one of them then contact the Kajabi experts who are well aware of the ways to do so. 

Below are some of the steps which will help you in adding the facebook comments:

Step 1:

To add facebook comment to your blog post, you need to generate HTML snippets.

  • Copy and paste the blog post into the comments plugin code generator.
  • You need to select the width of the plugin to 100%.
  • According to your requirement, you can choose the number of posts you want to show.
  • After filling the fields, then click get code.

Step 2:

Once you are done with the generation of the code, then head back to the Kajabi admin where you need to enter your website code editor.

  • Click the website tab.
  • select the manage themes option.
  • Then choose the edit code.

Step 3 :

Click the layouts folder in the code editor

  • Open the theme.liquid file and scroll down to the <BODY> tag.
  • Then you need to copy the first code snippet.
  • Paste the code snippet below the <BODY> tag.
  • Then click on save.

Step 4:

Click the templates folder in the editor

  • Open the blog_post.liquid file.
  • Write the {% section “blog-post-body” %} tag. It should be located around line 5 in a freshly installed theme.
  • Copy the second code snippet and paste it a line below {% section “blog-post-body” %}.
  • Then click on save.

Step 5 :

To get the facebook comments properly function on the blog posts:

  • You need to replace the site URL within the quotations in the second code snippet.

Thus, these are some of the steps which you need to follow to add the facebook comments to your blog posts of Kajabi.