Many people move from urban areas to villages so they become cattle farmers. Some only want to raise livestock to nourish their children and others want to raise livestock so they sell their products to earn money.

Caring for sheep is as beneficial as raising goats. Beef is the best-selling sheep meat and the most drinkable milk. So, if you position yourself to produce beef and milk, you will make a lot of money from being a farmer.

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Just like a goat, you must first choose the right type for the product you want to produce. If you want to produce beef, choose the right breed to produce a lot of meat and if you want to produce milk, then choose a breed that produces lots of milk.

You also have to prepare some land for your livestock to be grazed and fed green grass. And also build a safe haven for your livestock to rest and milk if they are a milk-producing animal.

When placing a cow at home, try to separate the bulls from the female and there must be enough space for them to move freely.

To get the most from your livestock, you must stay in touch with market news. You should do research to find out if it is more profitable to sell your livestock to direct customers or meat shops. You can also ask other livestock breeders in your area or look at online cattle forums.