There really is something to be said when you look at a masterpiece that is meant to be actually useful to the house of someone. They can be very beautiful if the one who designed it that way was a talented one. Most of the time they are just average and not really all that worthwhile to look at. But to us, it is pretty when an artist puts a lot of effort into an architectural canopy in Manhattan.

If you are the type to go into detail about architecture then you should probably know about what they are and how they work. When you think about it, how does anyone actually even make an artwork of a drawing into something real?

And turn it into a house or a church or anything in between? If this were us we would have already turned the while architecture into a replica of Death City in Soul Eater. Have you seen how that school was designed though? With its giant-ass candles hangover at the sides?

How is that not a hazard yet? And what is with the dangerous things floating and keeping the entire thing intact? We assume that this is because of the magic that they use and because the principal happens to be the freaking God of Death of the Grim Reaper. But in a really cartoon-ish way.

But never mind that, how do you create a whole Sun and Moon the way they did in that anime? Did you see their Sun and their Moon? They both have terrifying faces with wide grins and laughs. They freaking LAUGH and it does not even bother anyone in that city? Is that supposed to be normal?

But anyway, if designing architecture happened to be that artistic and possible and with anime physics in the mix, meaning the physics itself is non-existent here, then it means there would be no need for the professional architectures here because anyone at this point could just design anything.

Even kids could do them and without the physics to add any more confusion and complications, all ideas would be possible and it would be downright ridiculous. But awesome. Did we say that it would be awesome? Because it would be awesome. Now, imagine designing a house like the same one in Hello Neighbor.

That ridiculous giant house that has a shark tank in about the second or third floor. And also a train that curls around the outside and even travels which makes the whole transportation thing somehow believable. Because holy hell, that place is gigantic. Not only was that house completely ridiculous, but it was also really freaking childish.

It was like a kid designed that house and told modern physics to go suck its own mother and then the house was made. Only games, people. Only in games do these things exist. That and maybe some cartoons and anime. We would certainly love having that kind of home but then again, it would become a little too old for us too soon and the novelty would wear off.