The benefits of having your own business card printing machine can be huge for any company, big or small. Ownership of one of these devices, however, can be very profitable for businesses that employ large numbers of staff and may receive many visitors to these locations.

The use of these cards originated in the 17th century. You can also purchase used printing machines online via

At that time, France employed them as a visit card. Bigger than today, they are used among the aristocracy mostly to confirm temporary status, in Britain, so-called trading cards appearing with advertisements and maps.

Without current card printing machines, these scratch cards had to be produced using wood or letterpress cutting techniques but this did not prevent their popularity from increasing. The visit card is the size of a card favored by the French, and then becomes a pioneer of modern greeting cards.

In the US, visit cards or calling cards and those intended for trade were widely used in the early 19th century, although still without the benefit of the fast and simple production facilities offered by modern business card printing machines.

Indeed, speed and comfort are the hallmarks of this compact and powerful unit. Easy to operate and extremely versatile in their abilities, they are employed by professional print shops, by online service providers and are now purchased in significant quantities by various businesses that have received many benefits from making their own cards.