This is one of the most popular carpets cleaning approach carried out by millions of people around the world. But the question is how one will understand what cleaning method best suits the carpet.

However, there are two main carpet cleaning methods – deep cleaning and surface cleaning. You can get more info about carpet cleaning in Perth.

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Deep cleaning is needed for carpet that is very dirty and has got a liquid spill that cannot be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Experts suggest that each carpet should be cleaned every 12-18 months. But, the question is how to clean the carpet? Now, find some most important carpet cleaning methods below.

1. Shampoo: Shampoo is a very common but popular method for cleaning carpets. If you plan to use shampoo to clean your carpet, make sure that it is washed with enough water and dried immediately after washing is complete.

2. Extraction of warm water: Extracting warm water through carpet is one of the most popular cleaning methods. Hot water is mixed with several chemicals such as detergent which helps water to clean dirt.

3. Apply absorbent pads: This method is quite simple but very expensive than other methods. All you have to do is use absorbent pads that absorb dirt and stains. For this method, you don't need to clean the entire carpet; the selected part must be taken care of.