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How to make money with ClickBank?

Clickbank is considered as the most appropriate way to earn money online. Clickbank is an affiliate network where you can earn money by promoting the products available there and getting the commission for it or you can post your own products and earn more profits.

While you are promoting the products and people get attracted by your promoted products then you are given commissions for that. The commission can be anything as per vendor. The commission rates are usually higher because the products to be promoted online are digital products. ClickBank is considered as one of the best way to make money online.

Below are the steps to earn money with ClickBank:

First Step:

Signup with Clickbank to create an account on Clickbank. Fill all the information asked while signing up. Once you are done with signing up, you will get an affiliate link.

Second Step:

You must ensure that you are logged into ClickBank. Then click on the marketplace which is on the top of the menu bar which will display the list of products to be promoted which is also a method to make money with ClickBank.

Third Step:

In the next step, you can choose the category which is on the left side of the page and on scrolling a little down you’ll get various other categories too.

Fourth Step:

Once you choose a category, choose a product to promote. You can also go through the average sale, popularity and the gravity score of the product to decide which product is the best fit to promote.

You can promote as many products as you want at one time.

Fifth Step:

In this step, all you need is the affiliate link and to get this link, click on the product’s promote button and if that product does not require further approval, then you can add a Tracking ID before they provide you with an affiliate link.

Sixth Step:

Once you are given the affiliate link, you have to paste it to different social media networks for its promotion.

So, these were some of the steps to follow to get your account registered with ClickBank and earn money online. You can also check this post to get more information on Clickbank.