The shower is one of the most difficult areas of the home to organize. This is especially true when this space is used by multiple parties throughout the day. The constant opening and closing of hygiene products and the vast number of self-care items that people usually use in this space can easily create a jumbled and cluttered look. The good news is that you may be able to streamline and refine this area by simply installing a floating shower shelf.

Floating shelves are a key design elements that can be used all throughout the home. They've been given their name due to the fact that they are not part of any self-standing structure. For instance, floating shelves can be used to house books even though there is no traditional bookshelf. Rather than being built into an actual unit, these are simply attached right to the wall.

The installation process involves mounting brackets and then adding individual shelves to these as you see fit. Thus, you can easily install a single unit with just one shelf, or you can add numerous shelves to hold a much larger array of items. The flexibility of this particular design makes it ideal for use in busy households given that the construct can be easily adapted to meet constantly changing needs.

Systems like these are incredibly easy to install and thus, this is usually a do-it-yourself project that homeowners are capable of tackling on their own. Moreover, although these fixtures are held in place by mere mounting brackets, they are incredibly reliable and sturdy. This is definitely true when you buy options that are comprised of quality materials.

Once you have your shelf up, you will find it infinitely easier to preserve your costly self-care items. For instance, if you have been balancing shampoo bottles and conditioners on the edge of the bathtub, you have probably had a few topple over in the past and spill their contents out. In shower stall, bottles that are left standing upright on the floor can be easily kicked over, especially when the shower pan has a slope.

Whenever there are small kids in the home, it is important to keep certain self-care items out of reach. For instance, you certainly don't want to leave your shaving implements within easy grasp of your toddler who may be bathing or showering in the area immediately after you. These systems will allow you to elevate all sharp items and any products that contain potentially harmful chemicals or other ingredients.

Surprisingly, using these systems is also a great way to prevent problems with clogged drains or slow drains. When shampoo bottles are stored on the shower pan floor or on the side of the tub, their caps can be easily knocked off and into the drain system. When this happens, they'll get snagged on debris and accumulate hair and other particulates until the water moves at a sluggish pace.

It is also important to note that these systems look nice. They can be very aesthetically appealing. As such, even though a lot of people choose them for their functional benefits, there are also many households who simply love how they add to the overall beauty and sophistication of their bathrooms.