For most weddings, it is the bride who gets maximum attention. Due to this the vast majority of the energy, connected to the wedding outfits, is spent on picking the bride’s dress, while the groom’s task, for the most part, is to be clean, and ready for the I really don’t.

With that said, among the questions we are asked most frequently is if the groom wears a suit or a tuxedo? There are several stores that provide custom Tuxedo as well as custom suits in Atlanta.

The Groom, The Tux and The Suit

There are lots of pros and cons for a wedding suit or a tuxedo, weighing them out might help with the answer very quickly.

Rule number one is, the more traditional the marriage the more you lean towards a tuxedo. Traditional means a religious event, large guest list, plenty of groomsmen and bridesmaids. Tuxedos become more necessary for big parties as they may be rented.

Renting a tux can save some dollars. Suits, in general, can’t be leased, requiring you and wedding party to fork out significant dollars so as to match. To add a personal touch, you might go for custom tuxedos; now many companies provide this sort of facility.

If your wedding is less traditional, like on the shore with close family and friends, a finely tailored suit or just a custom made suit is an excellent way to go. A suit matches the much more relaxed sense of a wedding.

Match the dress to what the bride is wearing. If she is sporting a princess like a dress with a long train, if she has suggested a fairy Tale motif a tux is the best way to go. Again the more formal her attire the More formal you should be too.

And if the bride is wearing a formal dress, a suit is certainly the way to go. This can be complicated because grooms aren’t permitted to see the bride. Communication is the key here and you won’t have any problems come the big day.