Many businesses face the challenge of sharing documents with members or employees of their team. They do not have the ability to track changes to any given document while still retaining the original as a point of reference.

This goes on becoming a complex issue as a team grows and the number of projects or documents increases. Here the need for a software solution i.e. sharepoint arises. Many companies like work towards providing sharepoint intranet solutions.

What is Sharepoint?

Sharepoint can be accessed by its software platform which has been hosted on your server, through a hosting provider or the cloud. You can then access it through your intranet or the internet. Essentially, it’s a web-based platform where you can share and collaborate with other team members in your company, group or even multi-national organization.

Additionally, office 365 and sharepoint has excellent project management facilities, an intranet, calendars and a powerful search engine which is ideal when you’re struggling to remember where you saved that important document.

The key elements of this software are document storage, updating, and tracking. They are useful when you are controlling information and yet require the flexibility for authorized third parties to access and make changes in the documents. The main feature of this is the ability to lock or “check out” files and this integrates from the web browser with the standard file explorer.

Of course, Sharepoint intranet solution is a highly secure software, which is so critical these days.

The advantages of Sharepoint

  1. Improved Team productivity
  2. Guaranteed Information Security
  3. Flexibility
  4. Better Access and Use of Information
  5. Users are up-to-speed quickly

The beauty of Sharepoint is that it can be fully integrated with Office 365, therefore using the world’s standard software for office administration and productivity. You can avail more info on the benefits of office 365 for your business.