Interval training is another way to do cardio training that really maximizes the benefits of exercise. The thing is, when doing normal slow cardio exercises, you really don't challenge muscles a lot.

The way interval training works is that you change your steps several times during the exercise. You can switch from easy to intense and back to easy every minute which regulates intervals.

 By using intervals, your muscles are always challenged. The end result is similar to resistance training with weights. You can also join the HIIT group training workout in Redondo Beach, California.

Fast runners tend to have strong muscular bodies whereas marathon runners are usually thin and almost look malnourished and sick. While marathon runners can run for miles, the muscles always move in the same rhythm at the same intensity.

Fast runners will come out for a shorter time and have great speed and strength. Therefore, muscles are more challenged and require a greater period of regeneration. During this regeneration period, muscles will constantly burn more calories and fat than normal cardio training.

One other great benefit for interval training is that it can save a lot of time in the gym. Typical interval training only takes about twenty minutes. There is a five minute warm-up phase, ten minute intervals, and five minutes more for cooling.

Interval training is a great way to burn fat and lose weight quickly and can also save a lot of your valuable time. Don't be a slave to slow and boring cardio training!

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